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Engine: H-Beam Steel Structure Production Line
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H-Beam Steel Structure Production Line

Our H-beam steel structure production line is made on the basis of the strip cutting machine, combining an economical and practical CNC function. It is not only suitable for the batch processing on straight plates but also on irregular parts. The beam of this production line is bended, welded and annealed to eliminate inner stress. It is stable, rigid and not apt to deformation after long-term usage. Additionally, the servo motor, reducer, decompression valve, gas pipe, solenoid valve, cutting torches of this production line are imported from internationally famous companies to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Technical Parameters

Rail span 3000mm~6000mm
Rail length 15000mm
Effective route 12500mm
Cutting width 80~3200mm
Cutting velocity 20~6000mm/min (Stepless speed regulation)
Longitudinal strip cutting torch 9 units
CNC cutting torch 2 units


Our company is involved in the production of H-beam steel structure production lines. HB has been specializing in the manufacture of welding machines since 1999. As a qualified welding machine manufacturer in China, we offer you H-beam steel structure production lines that are ISO9001 certified. Apart from H-beam steel structure production lines, we also offer H-beam flange straightening machines, H-beam automatic welding machines, H-beam automatic assembling machines and more.

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