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Engine: H-Beam Automatic Assembling Machine
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H-Beam Automatic Assembling Machine

Driven by a stable and reliable AC inverter, our H-beam automatic assembling machine uses PLC to control processing tasks such as the clamping and centering of the web and flange, locating and tack-welding. The above press beam is guided by four rails on both the left and right sides, ensuring long-term stable clamping.

Technical Parameters

Model Suitable web Suitable flange Length of suitable work piece Machine power Assembling speed
Thickness Height Thickness Height
Z15/ZLJ15 32mm 200~1500mm 40mm 200~800mm 4000~15000mm 11.7kw 0.5~6m/min
Z18/ZLJ18 200~1800mm
Z20/ZLJ20 200~2000mm


HB is a welding machine manufacturer in China. We have the capacity to offer H-beam steel structure production lines, H-beam automatic assembling machines, H-Beam automatic welding machines, and H-beam flange straightening machines. Since our foundation in 1999, Zhonglian has been importing foreign technologies for improving the quality of our welding machines, which are approved and welcomed by our customers in France, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil and more countries. Welcome!

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