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Engine: H-Beam Automatic Welding Machine
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H-Beam Automatic Welding Machine

Our H-beam automatic welding machine is available in two types, LHA gantry-type automatic welding machine and LHT double-cantilever type automatic welding machine. With AC inverter transducers, our H-beam automatic welding machine delivers smooth and reliable welding. It is also provided with a fast back tracking function. This automatic welding machine is fitted with a triaxial guiding rail for carrying out impartial welding. Additionally, the machine is equipped with an automatic solder delivering and recycling system. The LHT double column-beam automatic welding machine is able to process two beams of profiled steel at the same time, with the beam height unlimited by the welding machine.

Main Technical Parameters


Model Rail span Control way Suitable web height Suitable flange height Suitable work piece length Welding speed Power
LHA 4000mm Middle control 200~1200mm 200~800mm 4000~15000mm 0.24~2.4m/min 9kw
Side control 200~1500mm 9.74kw
5000mm Middle control 200~1800mm 10.44kw
Side control 200~2200mm
  5500mm Middle control 200~2200mm
  Side control 200~2500mm
LHT 1600mm Middle control 200~2500mm 9.74kw
CBH 1500mm   200~1200mm 160~600mm 7.2kw
MB15 3000mm   200~1500mm 9.74kw

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