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Engine: Roller Cradle
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Description of Roller Cradle:
This roller cradle is mainly designed to provide due support for line-moving devices and to help lower various pipes into ditches, and it can deal with pipes with different specifications. Its cradle lift is mainly used to lift pipe sections while the accompanying polyurethane rollers can protect the heavy pipe as well as its coating. 
It features reasonable design, rational structure, light weight, strong lifting power, safe and reliable performance, and more. And it is made of special polyurethane rollers, with excellent gluing property and high abrasive resistance.

Technical Parameters of Roller Cradle:

Name Roller cradle
Model DL1224 DL2436 DL3648
Applicable pipeline diameter IN 12”-24” IN 24”-36” IN 36”-48”
mm 305-610 mm 610-914 mm 914-1219
Roller number 28 32 36
Max. lifting weigh 15,000kg 40,000 kg 60,000 kg
Total weight 600 kg 1500 2000
Overall dimension(L× W× H) 900×800×1,500 1200×900×2000 1500×1000×2200

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